Can you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions?

  1. Do you have High Deductible, High Co-Pay, or Limited Provider Network Medical plan?
  2. Are you experiencing constant year over year high Medical plan increases?
  1. Does your current Medical plan already include Telehealth, but the cost is $25 - $50 per visit with low utilization?
  2. Do you have a Part-Time workforce not eligible for any benefits?

Offer your Employees 6+ Benefits in One Complete Package

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Savings & Benefits
That Outweigh
the Plan Cost

Helps employers strengthen their workforce and stay competitive in the employee marketplace by offering benefits that provide a complete solution for today's changing healthcare environment.

Reduce Insurance Claims by
Avoiding Unnecessary Doctor,
Urgent Care & ER Visits
Members and Employers
Saved $760
per telehealth visit
Help Employees Navigate the
Complexity of their Plans &
Maximize their Benefits
On average, employees
Saved $2,784
in negotiated medical and dental
bills with Medical Bill Saver™
Increase Productivity by
Reducing Absenteeism

On average, employers see
reductions in absenteeism of
Up to 50%

Not available to VT or WA residents.