2 August 2017

Beat the “Back to School” Plague with Telehealth

Elementary school children experience 8 to 12 colds during each school year, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  That works out to 22 million school days that are lost each year due to the common cold. Add in adult work days lost due to taking care of sick kids (and recovering […]

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10 July 2017

3 Ways to Increase Telehealth Engagement

Boosting Employee Usage of Telehealth Benefits Studies show that a majority of people who have used telehealth services appreciate the convenience, cost-savings and quality of care – and many prefer telehealth consultations to in-person visits with doctors. But some companies are still finding that not all of their employees are enthusiastically embracing their telehealth benefits. […]

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19 June 2017

Why Doctors Don’t Email, Call or Text You

But I just have one quick question! Why Doctors Don’t Email, Call or Text  You We can conduct most of our life business online; from making travel reservations to filing taxes, paying bills, ordering products, and getting groceries delivered … the list is long. But when it comes to medical care, it can be hard […]

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19 May 2017

Cracking the Medical Billing Code

Understanding Insurance and Medical Billing Terminology Part 2: Cracking the Medical Billing Code This is part two of “Understanding Insurance And Medical Billing Terminology.” You can read part one here. In order to get reimbursed for providing care, medical professionals need to puzzle together a set of codes – diagnosis codes along with separate procedure […]

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1 May 2017

Medical Billing Basics

Understanding Insurance and Medical Billing Terminology Part 1: Medical Bill Basics Spotting a mistake on a bill is easy: you compare the price listed on the bill to the stated cost of the item or service, and determine whether there is a discrepancy. Unfortunately, this simple process doesn’t always work with healthcare bills, unless you happen […]

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3 April 2017

Not Just for Doctor Visits: Telehealth Can Help Manage Medical Costs

Managing Medical Expenses One in five American adults can’t pay their medical bills. And that sad number rises to about one in four for adults under age 65. 25% of those ages 18 to 50, and 20%of people ages 51 to 64 – currently have past-due medical debt. These unpaid debts aren’t necessarily for huge […]

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6 March 2017

Business Benefits: Getting the Best ROI from Telehealth

Companies that add telehealth to their benefits package expect to see quantifiable results from their investment. Typically, these will include healthier employees, reduced medical absenteeism, increased productivity, and lower costs of care. Telehealth does deliver these advantages, but your ROI will logically increase based on utilization – the percentage of your employees who are confident and […]

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18 January 2017

What is Telemedicine?

The doctor will see you now … via your smart phone, tablet or computer screen. While telemedicine may seem like a brand-new way to get medical care, it has been successfully used around the world – and even in outer space – for decades. But as personal technology becomes more capable, so does telemedicine’s ability […]

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